26 May 2009

Vtech Little Smart See Me Go Driver (Used) - SOLD

Vtech Little Smart See Me Go Driver (Used) - SOLD
"Buckle up!" chirps a young voice when little drivers twist the plastic key to start their See Me Go! Driver.
* Designed for small laps and big imaginations, includes a chunky steering wheel, horn, turn signal, rotating rearview mirror, and gearshift.
* By turning the ignition key to the smiling face icon, drivers will hear voice responses like
- "Let's go to the park!" or
- "Let's go to school!" when they push the six activity buttons on the dash.
* Twisting the key to the music note elicits familiar tunes when the same buttons are pressed.
* Flashing turn signal arrows, a hidden volume control, and a plastic doggie that can bark along with the tunes give this toy a high mark on the amusement scale
Price: RM65.00


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