11 June 2009

Fisher Price Singing Star Gym (Used) - SOLD

Fisher Price Singing Star Gym (Used) - SOLD
* Toys that grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood are well worth their cost.
* The Classical Chorus Gym is one such toy, allowing your child to explore music at every stage of his development.
* As an infant, your child can lay on his back and bat at the hanging toys while the keyboard plays 10 different classical or nursery melodies, some with a children’s chorus.
* You can set the music to play continuously for up to 10 minutes, or only when your child successfully hits a toy, teaching him cause and effect.
* When your child learns to sit, the keyboard adjusts with him to the proper height, and then adjusts one more times to accommodate a standing or walking child.
* The Classical Chorus Gym requires three "C" batteries for operation (not included)


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