26 March 2010

My BrestFriend Feeding Pillow (Used) - SOLD

My BrestFriend Feeding Pillow (Used) - SOLD
My Brest Friend adjusts securely to your body and stays where you want it. It's designed to support your back, neck, shoulders. You can feel relaxed and comfortable holding and feeding your baby. Your baby will feel the difference. Ideal for twins, too.
  • Assists you to be "hands-free" to hold and caress baby
  • No more distracting moving and shifting pillows to constantly readjust
  • Fits securely around your waist
  • Supports you so you can enjoy stress-free, loving moments with your baby
  • Curved mid-shaping to protect tender c-section tummies from bumps or kicks
  • Adjusts to different shapes and sizes for all family members and other caregivers
  • no stain/tear. in v.good condition
RM75 Only Including Postage by Pos Parcel


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